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Monday no longer most dreaded day of the week

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Move over, Monday. There’s a new most dreaded day of the week, according to Google search data.

Seems like we’ve been wrong all these years. Turns out, Monday isn’t the most hated day of the week.

It’s Tuesday.

Yep, Tuesday. That unassuming, middle-child day we hardly think twice about. According to Google, it’s the day Americans dread the most. And honestly, after digging into the data, I can’t say I’m surprised.

From February to May, Google searches for “jobs near me,” “part-time job,” and even “quit my job” spiked every Tuesday like clockwork. The peak? Tuesday, April 23rd, with a whopping 184,720 estimated searches. Imagine all those folks, staring at their computer screens, daydreaming about a different life, a different job, anything but another Tuesday.

Now, you might be wondering, why Tuesday? After all, Monday’s got that back-to-the-grind blues, and Wednesday’s just…well, Wednesday. But think about it: by Tuesday, that initial burst of Monday motivation has fizzled out. The to-do list is piling up, the weekend feels a million miles away, and reality sets in. It’s the perfect storm for existential dread.

And it’s not just a nationwide trend. Some states are feeling the Tuesday blues more than others. Utah takes the top spot for Tuesday haters, followed by Mississippi and Georgia. Makes you wonder what’s going on in those states, doesn’t it?

But hey, this isn’t just about commiserating. If you’re one of those folks dreading Tuesday, here are a few tips to lift your spirits:

Shake up your routine: Instead of the usual lunch spot, try a new cafe. Take a walk during your break. Small changes can make a big difference.

Set a Tuesday goal: Focus on accomplishing something specific on Tuesdays. It could be a work project, a personal task, or even just trying a new recipe for dinner or meeting up with friends after work.

Treat yourself: Plan a small reward for making it through Tuesday. It could be a fancy coffee, a new book, or an episode of your favourite show.

Remember, Tuesday is just a day. It doesn’t define you, and it certainly doesn’t control your happiness. So next time Tuesday rolls around, don’t let it get you down. Instead, try these tips and make it a day worthy of a misunderstood middle child that needs some extra attention.

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