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We predict weirdest side hustles to trend in 2024

Side hustle opportunities for pet translators are expected to take off in 2024
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Ah, the allure of the side hustle. In 2024, with the ever-evolving gig economy and our collective thirst for unique income streams, we can expect some weird and wonderful side hustles to emerge in 2024

Forget about dog walking and flipping thrift store finds. In 2024, the side hustle game is getting weird. From renting out your pet llama for cuddles to selling virtual reality tours of your bathroom, there’s a new breed of unconventional money-making schemes emerging that are as creative as they are bizarre.

For example, one of the UK’s hottest side hustles is (ew) selling feet pics, according to The Fasthosts “10 Most Searched Side Hustles” list. That’s right, 5,200 Brits a month are googling how to turn their tootsies into a cash cow.

The Freelance Informer decided to do some research on the subject and came up with its own top 10 list of weirdest side hustle trends. Here they are.

Professional Nap Taker: Stressed-out execs seeking a midday power nap will pay top dollar for someone to ensure their slumber isn’t interrupted by pesky phone calls or office drama. Bonus points for offering white noise machine rentals and aromatherapy diffusers.

Personalised Emoji Designer: Tired of generic emojis that don’t capture your essence? This side hustle caters to individuals who want custom emojis made to resemble their pet llama, their grandma’s dentures, or even their sleep paralysis demon (no judgment!).

Competitive Tickle Fighter: Remember those elementary school tickle fights? Turns out, there’s a niche market for adults who want to relive the giggles (and maybe unleash some pent-up aggression) in a safe, tickle-centric arena. Imagine the training montages!

Professional Line/Queue Stander: Waiting in line for the latest iPhone or concert tickets is so 2023. Busy bees will hire queue connoisseurs to snag their spot, complete with hourly updates and gourmet snacks delivered to their comfy folding chair.

ASMR Food Destructor: Craving the tingles without the calories? This oddly satisfying side hustle involves creating ASMR videos of crushing, squishing, and otherwise destroying food items like honeycomb, bubble wrap, and even vegetables (because for some, crunching celery is pure bliss).

Pet Translator: Ever wonder what Fido is really thinking when he stares at you with those soulful eyes? This side hustle promises to decode animal vocalisations, translating meows, barks, and chirps into hilariously relatable human language.

Digital Detox Consultant: In an age of constant connectivity, some folks will crave a complete tech-free escape. Enter the digital detox consultant, who creates personalised unplugged itineraries, sources signal-blocking Faraday cages, and even offers meditation sessions in virtual log cabins.

Professional Gift Wrapper: Forget the store-bought bows and tissue paper. Discerning clients will pay a premium for artistic gift wrapping that elevates the mundane to the masterpiece. Think origami creations, edible wrappers made of candy, or even bespoke calligraphy on recycled newspaper.

Historical Recreationist: Live out your fantasies of being a Roman gladiator, a Victorian lady, or even a pirate! This side hustle caters to history buffs and theme party enthusiasts, with meticulously researched costumes, props, and even scripted scenarios for an immersive experience.

AI-Powered Matchmaker for Your Houseplants: Tired of your lonely philodendron wilting away? This AI-powered service uses advanced algorithms to match your plants with compatible companions, based on light needs, watering schedules, and even personality traits (yes, apparently plants have those too!).

Remember, these are just a few predictions, and the weirdness potential is truly limitless. So, keep your eyes peeled for the next big side hustle trend – it might just involve yodelling underwater or teaching squirrels to knit tiny scarves.

Top tip

While these quirky hustles might sound like fun, always research the market and ensure you have the necessary skills and resources before diving in. If your weird side hustle takes off, don’t forget to send us a personalised emoji as a thank you.

The Fasthosts “10 Most Searched Side Hustles” list

Number 1: Paid Surveys (Yawn, but Effective)

Who knew clicking “strongly agree” to “Do you like cheese?” could be so lucrative? Turns out, 6,200 Brits do, making paid surveys the top side hustle search. It’s not a beach bod, but it’s steady income while you binge Netflix, right?

Number 2: Feet Pics (Ew, but Lucrative)

Okay, we’ll get this one out of the way. Yes, people are making money off their feet pics. Apparently, there’s a whole market for well-maintained toes and callus-free arches. We’re not judging, just… filing this under “things we never thought we’d write.”

Number 3: eBay Overlords (Sell Your Junk, Fund Your Dreams)

Remember that slightly used juicer taking up space in your cupboard? Turns out, it’s someone else’s treasure (and potential side hustle gold). Nearly 5,000 Brits are searching for eBay mastery, proving that one man’s trash is another man’s… well, slightly used juicer.

Number 4: Online Tutoring (Knowledge is Power and Cash)

From Shakespeare to sourdough starters, there’s an online tutor for everything these days. And with 4,300 searches a month, it seems Brits are eager to share their wisdom (and hopefully, make some extra quid while doing it).

Number 5: Selling Clothes Online (Because Fast Fashion Isn’t Sustainable, But It Pays)

Depop and Vinted are the new playgrounds for fashionistas, and with 3,700 searches for “sell clothes online,” it’s clear Brits are ditching the landfill for the virtual runway. Plus, who doesn’t love a good wardrobe clear-out with a side of profit?

Number 6: Blogging Bonanza (Write Your Way to Riches… Eventually)

Remember that travel blog you started in 2019? It might be time to dust it off. 3,400 searches for “how to start a blog” suggest that the blogging dream is alive and well, even if the financial rewards are a bit… slow-burning.

Number 7: Podcasting Proselytisers (Talk is Cheap, But Ads Pay)

Got a voice for radio and an undying love for, well, anything? Then hop on the podcast bandwagon! 3,100 searches for “how to start a podcast” prove that there’s an audience out there for your dulcet tones (and hopefully, some lucrative sponsorships, too).

Number 8: Dropshipping Dynamos (Inventory? Who Needs It?)

Skip the warehouse, and embrace the middleman magic of dropshipping! This side hustle involves selling products you don’t actually own, making it perfect for minimalists with maximum entrepreneurial spirit. Just be prepared for some initial legwork – it’s not all just clicking “ship.”

Number 9: TikTok Tycoons (Dance Your Way to Brand Deals)

Move over, reality TV stars, TikTok is the new breeding ground for fame (and fortune). 2,400 searches for “how to make money on TikTok” prove that viral dances and sponsored hauls can actually pay the bills. Just remember, the algorithm is your fickle friend, so keep those creative juices flowing.

Number 10: Pumping Up the Profits (From Personal Trainer to Pocket Liner)

Last but not least, we have the fitness fanatics. 1,600 searches for “how to become a personal trainer” show that Brits are serious about getting fit (and getting paid for it). So, dust off those kettlebells, because your side hustle awaits (and maybe a few toned biceps, too).

So, there you have it, folks: the UK’s side hustle smorgasbord, from foot pic fortunes to planning a tickle fight. Remember, the key to freelance success is passion.

Here’s one that didn’t make the list, but hey, there’s a niche out there that someone just might fill.

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