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Which would you choose: a 3-day weekend for life or a million in the bank?

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We look at how freelancers could have more power to manifest change in their lives than most and how to go about it

If a genie magically appeared and granted you three wishes what would they be and would they be the same as most Brits? Researchers surveyed 2,000 Brits, asking them what they would change in their lives both personally and socially – with having a million in the bank (37 per cent), three-day weekends (34 per cent), being fitter (31 per cent) and being better looking (22 per cent) all making the list.

The survey got the team at The Freelance Informer thinking. If these are some of the top changes people would like to see in their lives, what’s stopping them/ And do freelancers have more power to create change than others?

The 3-day weekend: Is it time you made it happen?

Take, for example, having three-day weekends. If freelancers manage their projects in a certain way and inform clients that they are not available on Fridays or Mondays then that’s one change sorted. They just have to manage their time more effectively and plan ahead to make the most of that extra day. Perhaps work later each day to make up for that extra day if you think it’s worth it and your lifestyle allows for it.

Now, being better looking can be a state of mind or just a matter of taking more time for self-care such as making exercise part of your morning or evening routine; getting more sleep or investing in better facial products to make your skin healthier.

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Other personal changes featured in the poll, include having a better-paid job (41 per cent) and being the perfect weight (40 per cent). Freelancers again, have more freedom to bring in more income through multiple projects and raising their rates or collaborating with other freelancers by pitching for larger projects.

But coming top of the list, was simply for people to be kinder, with almost half (49 per cent) of the vote, followed by better pay for NHS nurses and doctors (41 per cent). Kindness is a no-brainer and can be propagated by doing good deeds to make others feel cared for. If you find the people in your personal or working lives are rude, brash and insulting, well as a freelancer you can change who you work for.

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Brits would also love to have more confidence (23 per cent) and a bigger house (23 per cent), while 38 per cent would like everyone to simply be treated equally, regardless of age, sex and gender, according to the poll by Hello Hydrogen.

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Stress is the main cause of rude behaviour

More than a third (34 per cent) would like people to have better manners, according to the survey. Sometimes you just can’t change people, but you can show by example and a better understanding of why people react as they do.

Stress is the main cause of rude and abusive behaviour, according to etiquette and manners expert Emily Post. Unfortunately, she says stress can easily lead to rudeness. We have to look at ourselves sometimes, she suggests. Post writes:

“To help stop the stress-rudeness cycle we need to be able to see our own behaviour. Were you just yelling? Did you spout off without giving someone else a chance to explain or share their perspective? These would be signs that you need to stop, look at your own behaviour and make adjustments. Sometimes leaning into etiquette can be useful: remember to use your magic words like please and thank you, or excuse me and I’m sorry.

“Taking a deep breath and speaking at a normal volume can help de-escalate a situation whether you are the instigator or are just responding. By not allowing your own actions and words to contribute to the stress of the moment, you’re helping to break that stress-rudeness cycle.”

The environment

The environment also featured high on the list of changes Brits would make, with seeing the end of fossil fuels (24 per cent) and single-use plastic (37 per cent), to having solar panels powering our homes (15 per cent) and seeing the end of fast fashion (12 per cent) all featuring.

The report was commissioned by Hello Hydrogen, and conducted by Perspectus Global

What would you change about freelancing?

Are freelancers wanting the same changes or are they a unique bunch with a unique set of things they’d like to change about the freelance economy and their lifestyle? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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