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The Freelance Informer shares tips and news stories it has spotted this week. The great thing is, you can start to use some of the information right away to improve your freelance business.

What to charge your clients as a creative freelancer

This article by Creative Boom is a treasure trove of advice and tips when it comes to deciding what to charge your clients based on different scenarios and years of experience in the freelance game.

Creative freelancers reveal their rates and share top tips for pricing your work | Creative Boom

A guide to getting a job (or client) that you love

Freelancers are for the most part passionate about what they do for a living. They carved out a lifestyle and career for themselves. But that is not to say that over the years their passion for what they do starts to fade and fizzle. It never hurts to keep searching for a job or in the case of freelancers a client and the type of work they offer you to give you that boost.

Tips from career experts to help you find a job you love (welcometothejungle.com)

Self-employed headed for retirement poverty

The number of self-employed workers has been rising rapidly in the UK in recent decades. The cost of living in the UK has risen right alongside this workforce trend. The IFS has published a report about why private pension participation among this group has fallen sharply, leading to increasing concern among policymakers about the preparedness for the retirement of self-employed workers.

Trends in pension saving among the long-term self-employed | Institute for Fiscal Studies (ifs.org.uk)

What do publishers think of ChatGPT?

How will ChatGPT change freelancing? 5 publishers weigh in (digiday.com)

Digiday covers the ethics debate about freelancers using the AI app ChatGPT to create article briefs and pitches and even the occasional article. Check out Freelance Informer’s articles on AI here:

The Freelance Jobs In Highest Demand For 2023 – Freelance Informer

AI in recruitment: should candidates start to worry? – Freelance Informer

The UK economy may feel more tax pinches in 2023

The CBI is calling for a permanent investment deduction to stop the damage that might do to our growth prospects – but what is it? The CBI is also calling on the government to reform the “broken” UK childcare system so it works for workers and not the opposite.

The UK’s tax regime is about to get far less competitive | CBI

Five ways the UK’s broken childcare system is preventing economic growth | CBI

Is it time you moved to a city you could afford?

It’s a double-edged sword living in a city that you love that also happens to be one of the most expensive places to live. If you can dictate freelancer rates in line with the cost of living in your chosen city then you might not be feeling the pinch, but if you are, then you might want to look to pastures new.

Mapped: The Most (and Least) Expensive Cities to Live In (visualcapitalist.com)

💡Did you know that Visual Capitalist is looking for freelance creators to submit their infographics? Check out their Creator Programme here.

Self-employed mortgage advisers get greater support

Just Mortgages has partnered with the business networking group BNI, a move which it says will provide greater support to the firm’s self-employed mortgage advisers.

Just Mortgages in partnership to boost self-employed advisers – Mortgage Solutions

Will a robot be interviewing you for your next contractor job?

Recruitment Tech firm ETZ posed the question the other week as to whether an AI robot could conduct a better interview than a human. This was prompted by the significant advances being made with Artificial Intelligence Natural Language Processing (AI NLP) technologies that are used to power the text and speech recognition capabilities of robot interviewing devices. What’s your take on this?

Will we need fewer human recruiters because of AI RecTech? (getetz.com)

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