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Freelancers and digital nomads reconsider long-term cruises following cancellation of epic voyage

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The recent cancellation of a three-year world cruise, just two weeks before its scheduled departure, has sent shockwaves through the travel industry, particularly among remote workers and digital nomads who have embraced long-term travel as a lifestyle. Digital nomads and remote workers have been reported to be stranded and uncertain about their future plans.

The cruise was organised by Life at Sea and was expected to set sail from Istanbul, Turkey, on November 1st, The next confirmed date was November 11th, with a departure location shifted from Turkey to Amsterdam. However, the company once again pushed the date back, this time to November 30th.

The cancellation, attributed to the cruise company’s inability to secure the necessary vessel due to investors backing out due to unrest in the Middle East, has left passengers scrambling to make alternative arrangements and has raised concerns about the reliability of long-term cruise travel plans.

News reports have revealed that the company is promising to refund all passengers who were prepared to set sail aboard the ship, however, payments will only be made in monthly installments, according to The Independent. That means people will not receive all their money until February of next year. Digital nomads and others will have to find alternative accommodation and the extra money to pay for it since their money is tied up. Life at Sea has offered to pay for transportation and accommodation until 1 December for any guest who has already travelled to Istanbul, it has been reported.

The cancellation also raises concerns about the future of long-term travel on cruises. With the cruise industry still recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is unclear whether cruise lines will be willing to offer more long-term voyages in the future.

Digital nomads not deterred by long-term travel

For many remote workers and digital nomads, the allure of long-term cruises lies in the opportunity to combine work and travel seamlessly. The cruise line even marketed the cruise to digital nomads offering office space onboard. These voyages offer the promise of exploring new destinations while maintaining professional commitments, all within the comfort and convenience of a “floating home”. The prospect of immersing oneself in diverse cultures, expanding one’s professional network, and experiencing the world from a unique vantage point has drawn many to consider these extended cruises.

However, the cancellation of the three-year voyage has cast a shadow over the reliability of long-term cruise travel, particularly for those who have made significant financial commitments, such as selling their homes or possessions. The incident highlights the potential risks associated with such extended journeys and serves as a cautionary tale for those contemplating such a lifestyle change.

Despite the setback, many remote workers and digital nomads remain undeterred in their desire to combine work and travel. The appeal of location independence and the ability to experience the world while maintaining professional commitments remain strong. However, the recent cancellation serves as a reminder of the importance of careful planning, due diligence, and contingency plans when embarking on such long-term ventures.

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Do your due diligence on cruise lines

For digital nomads and remote workers who are considering booking long-term travel on cruises, it is important to carefully weigh the risks and benefits before making a decision. It is also important to choose a reputable cruise line with a good track record of providing quality service.

In the meantime, the passengers who were affected by the cancellation are still trying to pick up the pieces and make new plans for their lives. Some passengers have decided to book shorter cruises, while others are considering taking a more traditional land-based trip.

The cancellation of this three-year cruise is a reminder that even the best-laid plans can go awry. For those who are considering long-term travel, it is important to be prepared for the unexpected and to have a backup plan in place.

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