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Stories that spoke to freelancers the most

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The Freelance Informer re-launched at the height of the COVID pandemic, which was one of the most testing times for PSC contractors, freelancers and small business owners. We look back at the stories and issues that triggered the interest of freelancers the most.

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#1 Half of companies have regrets over IR35 decisions and blanket bans

Four in ten businesses impacted by recent changes to IR35 in the private sector have admitted they would approach the changes differently if given the opportunity. This is according to a study carried out by IR35 specialist, Qdos, in which 59 businesses affected by the reform shared their experiences.

#2 How to take on more clients as a freelancer

Want to take on more clients or projects to grow your freelance business, but think you can’t afford to hire seasoned staff to delegate the workload? Are you an entrepreneurial graduate looking to get experience in a small business or startup? A recently launched freelancer site might be the answer to both of those scenarios. The Freelance Informer reports.

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#3 Greece entices international freelancers with tax breaks and residency in bid to replace lost tourism

Greece’s parliament has passed a new law this month allowing digital nomads to half their income tax, which will likely attract more international freelancers and remote-working talent to the idyllic destination.

#4 ‘Not On Amazon’ founder Jamie Rackham: could he be the E-commerce Robin Hood for creatives and artists?

Have you heard of NOT ON AMAZON? It’s a Facebook e-commerce community for small independent retailers and artisans. It’s grown faster than ever over the past month. The Freelance Informer finds out why.

#5 IR35: it’s driven 35% of contractors out of self-employment

#6 Contractors expect more IR35 costs to come

#7 Outside IR35 contractor numbers to rise says specialist

#8 Off-payroll Legislative “side effects” are piling up

#9 IR35: umbrellas are feeding HMRC’s £3.6bn tax grab

#10 HMRC trawling “mind-boggling” amounts of financial data on freelancers and contractors

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