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Win a mentorship session with Diary of a CEO’s Steven Bartlett

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Think you have a brilliant business idea but lack the skills to take it to the next level? Budget woes have you questioning how to hire an app developer, or if a social media guru is the magic bullet to instant success? Fiverr and Steven Bartlett are partnering to help you answer these questions

Fiverr, the online freelance marketplace, has partnered with entrepreneur Steven Bartlett to help freelancers better understand how, why and when to hire fellow freelancers to help grow their own businesses.

Bartlett, who co-founded The Social Chain, a social media marketing agency at 18 and sold it for a reported £200 million, knows the struggles of growth in the early days that can easily be exacerbated by putting off asking for help.

The Fiverr-Bartlett initiative, “Break The Breakthrough,” is a grant competition offering three UK small businesses £10,000 in Fiverr credits, guidance from a Fiverr expert, and a 45-minute mentorship session with Bartlett.

What can £10,000 in Fiverr credits get you in 2024?

The £10,000 in Fiverr Credits could be used to hire a wide range of freelance talent on Fiverr’s platform. In 2024, with £10,000, you could hire a team of skilled freelancers for a couple of months on ad-hoc assignments or a slightly longer project.

  • Platform strategists
  • Web designers and developers to create or refresh your website or mobile app
  • Content creators to teach you and to help produce marketing materials, such as videos, social media posts, and blog articles
  • SEO specialists to improve your search engine ranking
  • Graphic designers to create logos, branding materials, and presentations
  • Virtual assistants to help with administrative tasks, customer service, and social media management

How to Apply/Conditions

UK SMB owners aged 18 and above can learn more and apply for the “Break The Breakthrough” competition by clicking here, and applying here.

Application closes on April 10, 2024

The winners will be notified on 15 April, 2024 via email, with details of how to claim their Grant. The session will be documented as part of a film and therefore the session is conditioned upon the winners participation in the film including in all of the film production days, and other obligations and requirements.

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