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Best places for freelancers to live in the UK

Bosham is just miles away from one of the UK's entrepreneurial hot spots. Image source: Visit South East England
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Looking for a community that fosters your entrepreneurial spirit? Look no further than the UK’s top entrepreneurial regions, revealed in a recent study

Major cities are not as entrepreneurial as we may think, according to a recent study. The regions with the highest business densities tend to be more rural or suburban areas outside of major cities, such as regional centres and agricultural communities. For example, top places like Chichester, Guildford, the Isle of Scilly, and Winchester are all smaller or mid-sized communities. 

Here we share the UK hot spots that are attracting entrepreneurial-minded people.

Chichester Takes the Crown

The charming city of Chichester in the South East takes the top spot with a staggering 203 businesses per 1,000 people, nearly double the national average. This vibrant community offers a supportive environment for freelancers, with affordable living costs and potentially less competition compared to major cities.

Properties in Chichester had an overall average price of £451,675 over the last year, according to Rightmove. The majority of sales in Chichester during the last year were flats, selling for an average price of £267,725. Terraced properties sold for an average of £427,343, with detached properties fetching £689,703.

Overall, sold prices in Chichester over the last year were 3% up on the previous year and 9% up on the 2021 peak of £412,739. Bosham, located just 5 miles from Chichester’s city centre, and nestled on the shores of Chichester Harbour, is an option for those who love easy access to nature and strolls.

Beyond the Big Smoke

The South East dominates the rankings, proving that London isn’t the only game in town. Cities like Guildford, St Albans, and Winchester offer similar advantages to Chichester, making them havens for independent professionals.

Properties in Guildford, for example, are much dearer than Chichester, and had an overall average price of £623,449 over the last year. The majority of sales in Guildford during the last year were semi-detached properties, selling for an average price of £532,139. Detached properties sold for an average of £1,096,548, with flats fetching £296,495.

Overall, sold prices in Guildford over the last year were 1% up on the previous year and 6% up on the 2021 peak of £586,871.

Source: ClickSlice

Scotland and the Midlands Join the Party:

Scotland and the West Midlands showcase their entrepreneurial spirit with Dumfries & Galloway, Stirling, and Solihull ranking high on the list. These regions offer a unique blend of urban and rural settings, catering to diverse freelancer preferences.

Major cities: not as entrepreneurial as we may think

While London boasts a massive business landscape, it doesn’t rank highly in per capita entrepreneurship. Major cities like Manchester, Birmingham, and Glasgow, despite having a significant number of startups, have a lower ratio of businesses to residents.

This analysis highlights the hidden gems thriving in the UK startup scene. These areas offer freelancers a perfect blend of affordability and a supportive community to help them thrive.

So, if you are looking to make a move consider the UK’s up-and-coming entrepreneurial hubs. The future is bright for independent professionals outside the capital, offering a refreshing alternative to the traditional London experience.

Looking abroad?

New data from property website Rightmove says searches have soared for the region of Tuscany and the city of Lucca, near where Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job Season 2 is filmed.

Since the programme aired in January, searches for Tuscany have jumped by 39%, while searches for Lucca have soared by 60% compared to the same period last year. Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job sees Amanda Holden and Alan Carr renovating a second property following the first series last year which took place in Sicily.

Tim Bannister, Rightmove’s property expert said: “Rightmove is the place people turn to first to see all types of properties for sale, from all around the globe. We often see what’s happening in the world reflected in search behaviour on site, and it’s fascinating to see spikes in searches for Tuscany and Lucca as the second series of Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job aired, with people imagining what it would be like to live there, or possibly what it would be like to take on their own renovation project in the area.”

5 bedroom villa with 3 baths located in Tuscany’s Arezzo, Castèl San Niccolò, is going for €445,000, Rightmove
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