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Face-to-face interviews are back (sort of)

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Headhunters say the face-to-face interview is back, according to an efinancial careers report. However, initial Zoom interviews will still take place. Read what’s changing in the interview process, plus the latest contractor opportunities.

One London equities headhunter told efinancial careers that the hybrid interview process has evolved in a matter of weeks.

“The new format is Zoom hiring for the initial stages followed by face to face meeting at the end. You can get through the hiring process a lot more quickly like that,” said the headhunter who wished to remain anonymous.

The interview location is also changing. Physical interviews are more likely to happen in coffee shops, or maybe even bars rather than at a hiring office or the end client’s premises. This is especially the case in London’s financial district/the City, within the financial services recruitment sector.

Candidates are looking for fresh working environments and employers that appreciate them. After a year of working from home and perhaps working longer hours than pre-pandemic, thanks to perhaps an unhealthy and unproductive amount of Zoom meetings, people are on the hunt for pastures new.

“Everyone’s in hiring mode rather than firing mode,” said the London equities headhunter. Candidates also seem unusually keen to move on,” he added.

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