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Ways to earn extra cash to fuel your freelance business

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Looking to boost your bank balance and strengthen your freelance business? Online marketing expert Joshua George shares side hustles that take just 8 hours per week and can bring in hundreds of pounds each month

While you dedicate yourself to building your core business, reality bites with bills and everyday needs. What if you could unlock hundreds of pounds extra each month, with just 8 hours a week?

This isn’t about unrealistic get-rich-quick schemes. This is about smart, achievable side hustles that fit your existing skills and schedule. Whether you’re a writer, designer, developer, or any other creative freelancer, there are ways you can earn extra cash to strengthen your freelance business and financial safety net. Imagine using that extra income to:

  • Invest in skills: Upskill with courses, software, or workshops to elevate your core offerings.
  • Market yourself: Boost your visibility with targeted ads, a professional website, or networking events.
  • Reduce financial stress: Breathe easier knowing you have a safety net while your freelance business grows.
  • Invest in equipment: Upgrade your tech or workspace to improve your efficiency and quality.

Remember, it’s not about replacing your freelancing dream but accelerating it with a strategic side hustle.

Source: clickslice.co.uk

Top side hustles ranked by pay

Tutor/Mentor: This is a top option, and ideal if you’re skilled or knowledgeable about something, or if you have a qualification in a skill or subject. You could help students after school or do teaching online. Use the Internet to tell others what you do with a website or social media page, and share your success stories. Also, speak to people in schools, clubs, or your community to find opportunities to take on students. The run-up to GCSEs and A-Levels is a very busy period for tutors. A great option that practically any native English speaker can do is tutoring people who want to learn English as a second language, and there are hundreds of opportunities to do this online. If you have proper accreditation you can charge more. You can earn an estimated £744 monthly.

Writer: Writers craft content across various genres, producing blogs, articles, books, or marketing copy, so there are tons of ways to do something you find interesting that plays to your skills. To advertise yourself, develop a strong online portfolio showcasing your range and depth of writing, and engage with online writing communities and utilise social media to make connections that can land you writing gigs. Share writing tips to other freelance writers or those looking to improve their writing in a professional and creative manner. You can look to earn £600 a month.

App Tester: Your interest in new apps could help developers improve their applications by identifying bugs and other issues, and providing feedback on user experience. Some developers advertise positions when they’re looking for testers, or you could also go freelance. To market yourself, create a portfolio highlighting previous testing projects or other tech and IT experience. Share your insights and expertise on tech blogs or social media platforms, and network with developers and tech companies. You could make an estimated £513 monthly.

Babysitter/Nanny: if you love kids babysitting or being a nanny enables you to provide attentive and caring services for children, leveraging skills in childcare, education, and entertainment. Build a profile on trusted childcare websites to advertise your services. Highlight your experience, certifications (e.g. First Aid), and any special skills (e.g. language proficiency or tutoring abilities). Also try networking through word-of-mouth, distributing flyers in your community, and engaging with local parent groups on social media. You can start small by watching the kids of friends and neighbours before eventually building up your business. Care for children and earn £464 monthly.

Mystery Shopper: Get paid to shop undercover and provide feedback on stores. Expect around £427 a month.

Proofreader: Ensure written content is error-free and earn £357 a month or more. Advertise your services online and build your reputation through client testimonials. If you can target high-paying clients in niche areas such as finance or medicine you could expect to charge higher hourly rates.

Dog Walker: Give furry friends some exercise and earn £353 per month. Build trust through word-of-mouth, flyers, and local social media groups.

Other options: Pet sitter, errand runner, elderly person’s helper, virtual assistant. While these pay a bit less, they’re still a great way to make extra cash even if you are already a freelancer.

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