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London illustrator, Tess Smith-Roberts, who is often hired for her fun style created the illustrations for the Upwork cookbook. Photo source: https://tesssmithroberts.co.uk/About
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Hayden Brown, the CEO of freelancer job platform Upwork, was in need of some food inspiration to spice up yet another “covid-induced-at-home-date-night” when a new cookbook from a community of Upwork freelancers came her way. The recipes have gone online and are available for all of us to try.

The “Cook It Up: An Upwork Cookbook,” which has been created by the Upwork Family Belonging Community celebrates the rich diversity of cultures at Upwork through a unique collection of recipes and team member stories.

The online cookbook has some sensational recipes that can shake up your weekly menu. The colourful illustrations were created by London illustrator, Tess Smith-Roberts, who is often hired for her fun style.

“I’ve always wanted to work on a cookbook and I was thrilled about drawing food, especially for so many recipes!”

Tess Smith-Roberts, London-based illustrator

‍When asked for one of her own memorable meals, Tess picked bucatini carbonara. It was a dish that she first enjoyed at a Florence restaurant on her first visit to Italy —“so creamy and delicious!”

Eric Ventry, another Upwork freelancer and fellow recipe contributor, had this to say:

“Many of my fondest memories of my grandmother, Santina, involved la cucina! It’s so hard to pick just one of her recipes, but one that stands out are her lasagna rolls. We continue to make these for our family dinners. ‘Mangia, mangia,’ as Santina would say!”

So, if you need to shake up your meal planning this week, check out these freelancer-approved recipes:

Cook It Up | Upwork

🍳If you have a favourite recipe please feel to share in the comments section. 👇

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