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Will writing a book make my business grow?

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How to write your own future to lure new leads and clients. A quick guide to self-publishing and time management.

Dear Couch,

Can I write my own future? Can becoming self-published help my business grow and how do I find the time to even write a book?

I am answering your question as someone who has just self-published. So hopefully my advice will be useful.   My writing plan started at 20 minutes per day on my book. With small children at home over the first lockdown this year and other responsibilities to juggle, that felt manageable to me. I was able to write a 17,000-word book of 100 tips in around 8 weeks of actual writing, and then more time for editing and everything else.

Will writing a book make my business grow?

I suppose it all depends on what your business is. And what topic you decide to write about.  For me as a consultant who has now written a book on the subject I work in, it has definitely driven up my enquiries and work consequently. 

Here are 5 tips I hope will help you:

  1. Don’t try to find time to write your book. Put the time in your diary and prioritize it..A lot of professional writers say that making time to write first thing in your day is best. It’s different for people with a day job. But if you can book in 20 minutes writing time before you go to work in the morning, or when you get home at night, then you know it’s a commitment.
  2. It is far easier to write about something you already know about. I started with a subject I knew well, and I used a blog that had performed really well for me as a starting point. If you haven’t already, test your concept somehow before working up to a book.
  3. If you plan to self-publish think about how you will do it. Are you going to do all the writing and then get some editorial advice and proofreading? Are you going to design your cover on Canva, or will you spend some money on a designer?
  4. Find some experts and dive into their content. I have found David Gaughran to be an incredible source of information and help for new writers. If you sign up to his free course, you also receive books on how to sell on Amazon and how to build an author platform.
  5. Do some research on Amazon and other websites that sell books to see what is already there. You don’t want to spend ages writing a book that already exists.

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This session on The Couch was provided by Shona Chambers, a UK-based freelance Marketing Consultant that works with small business owners and corporates. Check out her recently launched book, 100 Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners.

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