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20 reasons why you need to get over going grey

Men tend to go grey gracefully, but women not so much/ Photo by Alena Darmel via Pexels
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Going grey? Not sure how to feel about it? We find multiple and often unexpected benefits of going grey so you can rock it instead of knock it

The average age of a UK freelancer in 2023 has already celebrated their 50th birthday, according to combined Freelance Informer and IPSE research. That means more of the nation’s backbone economy could be going grey this year (if they haven’t already).

Our concern is that going grey could be impacting freelancer confidence. Some may immediately be grabbing for the box of hair dye or booking an expensive trip to the hairdresser for fear of what others will think, including clients. But with more Hollywood men from George Clooney to Patrick Dempsey embracing their silver locks, why shouldn’t freelancers do the same?

“Ooze confidence”

“Men with grey hair just seem to ooze confidence,” says men’s hair stylist Jody Taylor in a recent Financial Times article. He continues, “Perhaps because it separates them from the boys? Certainly, a good head of natural grey implies you have lived a life, and there is a confidence in owning your grey hair, not dyeing it, keeping it natural. I’m all for it.”

Male freelancers are probably going grey more willingly and confidently than their female counterparts. That just comes down to societal pressure for women to look young to be valued. That’s sadly a load of rubbish, because when you really think about it, why would anyone want to hide the fact that you have years of work and life experience behind you? Including women?

That’s why we looked for the benefits of going grey and in one video we found 20! We also found products that can help you transition quicker to going full grey without waiting months for roots to grow.

#1 Save time and thousands of pounds over the next 20+ years

#2 Gain mental freedom

#3 Healthier hair

#4 Cool tones

#5 Brighter complexion

#6 More compliments on your hair

To find the next 15 benefits of going grey watch this video from Lisa

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