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Fashion startup embraces freelancers

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A new marketplace and platform has been launched to help independent fashion and jewellery designers not become overshadowed by either fast, low-quality fashion or flagship fashion houses during the Cost of Living Crisis. It’s introducing “designer royalties”, much like the music industry has, which will revolutionise not only sustainable fashion but the freelance artisan market.

The new platform is called Revstance and claims to have built a “conscious and sustainable pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase cycle for both brands and consumers.”

“We’re going beyond being a conventional marketplace and re-thinking fashion e-commerce from the ground up, creating an ecosystem beneficial for consumers, brands and the environment,” says Muaz Notiar and Naveen Akhund, the company’s founders.

The Revstance site is in Beta Mode, but could catch the eye of freelance luxury artisans and investors if the startup’s ethos catches on with customers

How can small indies compete with flagship fashion houses?

Contemporary independent brands, particularly those leaning towards or in the luxury market are uniquely and negatively impacted by the current economic climate. Fast fashion dominates large swathes of the consumer market, and those consumers that do buy luxury in the current economic environment may avoid independent brands for well-known flagship fashion houses.

But it gets worse in the e-commerce space for these brands.

The company explains: “In addition to the challenges above, most e-commerce experiences these days are transactional, a person only interacts with a brand when they want to buy something or return something. We think there is a better way, a more sustainable way, that not only serves the customer better but also the brand.”

The platform’s ethos is that customers are not just buying arbitrary products, they’re investing in a wardrobe and buying from the future of fashion.

You’re buying from people that obsess over the details and see the world differently. You get to be part of their journey and literally in some cases step into their shoes

What is the Revstance Meet Your Wardrobe Tool?

The Meet Your Wardrobe (MYW) tool on the platform built by the Revstance team allows people buying products on Revstance to “optimally manage” what they’ve bought.

For example, MYW allows users to easily track what they wear, giving them insights into how they use what they buy allowing them to make more conscious and sustainable future purchasing decisions. Plus, if they find they don’t wear something enough, in a few clicks they can create their own online store to start selling and renting those items.

The team says that by renting and re-selling Revstance products, you’re actually supporting the independent brands as well, as the platform shares 40% of their commission with them. In the same way a musician earns royalties when their music plays, brands on our platform earn royalties every time their products are rented or sold.

To check out the site, which is still in Beta Mode, go here: https://www.revstance.com/

Learn more about the fouders here:

Muaz. “I spend my days (and nights) consulting on finance, fashion, sustainability and data projects while I build out Revstance and Meet Your Wardrobe. Independent fashion has been an intrinsic part of my life since childhood, and I’m looking forward to all of you being on this journey with us, helping make independent brands succeed.” 


Naveen. A people and culture consultant in the fashion and beauty industry turned fashion entrepreneur. “Fashion fascinates me because of its interactions with art and culture, history, social issues and yes, people. I believe everyone can define what fashion means intrinsically to them. I co-founded Revstance with the aim to make fashion accessible, inclusive and sustainable.” https://www.linkedin.com/in/naveenakhund/

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